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Construction and Imitation Brick in Ashland, Kentucky

Scioto Block of Ashland, Kentucky, carries everything you need for your brick projects, including both construction brick and imitation brick.
House with Bricks - Masonry in Ashland, KY

Brick Selection
Face brick, construction brick, and imitation brick are all available in thousands of colors and a few different sizes. If you're constructing a brick home or building, you'll find thin and oversized bricks for all applications, as well as specially made chemical-resistant brick. You can view our full selection at our convenient showroom, located in Ashland, Kentucky. While you're here, you can also grab any of the professional masonry tools you need from brands such as:
Marion Ceramics
Lawrenceville Brick
Triangle Block
Lee Brick
Brampton Brick
Statesville Brick Company
The Bowerston Shale Company
Glen-Gery Brick
Palmetto Brick Company
Pine Hall Brick
Boral Bricks
General Shale
Redland Brick
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